Manavata Academy of Human Excellence (MAHE)


Manavata Academy of Human Excellence (MAHE) is a Non-Profit Academy, under the part of MANAVATA, an international charitable organization, member of UN, registered in USA, UK & India ( UK reg no: 1120315) working for the cause of humanity with a mission of creating a healthy, happy and harmonious (3H) world.

MAHE has been serving the society from almost three years by conducting various courses, seminars and programmes helpful for all age groups giving special attention to the children and youth. The number of beneficiaries are more than ---------. Our mission is to help Youngster’s to be successful personalities of this planet & to bring Social development initiatives and Global Oneness. Our vision is to reach as many individuals as we can and help them live happier and healthy lives. Our Team of Professionals brings in diverse experience which helps every individual to open the doors of excellence in their academic, professional and personal lives. MAHE brings together some proven techniques and experience from earlier programs to introduce a range of courses. One of our objective is to bring a positive and productive change in the child's health, thinking and ultimately help them to become responsible and self - sufficient individuals!!

      Our programs aim at achieving the following:

  • Physical Development
  • Mental Development
  • Social Development
  • Emotional Development and
  • Spiritual Development

All our Programs are not like formal class room training and are mostly organized through group events and interactions in structured approach with enough freedom for children to feel comfortable where we discover many facets of a child and also take the opportunity to accompany them in their journey to perfection.

The Programs we offer are:

·         Yoga and meditation

Yoga for health and happiness and want to be free from troubles in life. The happiness is two-fold-physical and mental. The mind is at peace when the body is sound or free from any disease. Yoga helps achieve this object.

Ashtanga Yoga (Eight- Fold Yoga )
Yoga is a science. Yoga practices are designed to suit every individual. The codification of Yoga practices was done by the sage patanjali. The treatise is called "YOGA DARSHAN" Ashtanga Yoga or Eight- fold Yoga was formulated by Patanjali For the benefit of humanity Ashtanga Yoga consists of 1. Yama 2. Niyama 3. Asana 4. Pranayama 5. Dharana 6. Dhyana 7. Samadhi.

Meditation: To stay in single thought stream in Dhyana. Effortless dwelling on the single thought. The 5 features of meditation are: 1. Single thought 2. Effortlessness and relaxation 3. Slowness 4. Wakefulness and awareness, 5. Feeling of Expanding lightness.

·         character development and personality building

Skills to learn and develop abilities to meet the challenges of life depend on the way thinking is moulded. Focusing on personal modes of thinking and their use. Reactive Thinking (reaction), Reflective thinking (reviewing), Strategic thinking (setting direction),Lateral thinking (opportunity spotting), Imagination or creative thinking (innovation and ideas), Critical thinking (problem solving), Judgmental thinking (quality appraisal), Holistic thinking (environment scanning), Systems thinking (design and relationships), Chaos thinking (handling ambiguity), Decision thinking (action) And finally, Metacognition (thinking about thinking) helping to develop Positive Attitude and Positive health habits

·         Leadership Program (for adults)

Leadership program empowers executives and entrepreneurs to evolve as inspired and inspiring leaders who contribute to the greater good, focusing  on leadership ecology and team and organizational design, facilitating the success of visionary leaders .To see leaders with inner power rule the global economy and create financial and organizational success through the majesty of the human element.

·         Value based education

Value based education is "learning about self and wisdom of life" in a self-exploratory, systematic and scientific way. With a commitment to give couple of hours to kids every weekend, parents can to introduce a weekend parents driven school for children. All you need to do is either of the parents being with child for 4 hours on a weekend and attending the sessions along with the child. The benefits of the program can be Child becomes more active & intelligent, Improved memory power ,Improved Self-Confidence, Good Communication Skills, They will be naturally away from television and Video Games, They will love to learn, No special expensive toys needed, No forced discipline, Finally, will give rise to high caliber of learning

·         Skills Based & Vocational Program

 Throughout the course there are opportunities for you to develop specialist areas of interest.                                           


Yoga for Children

Right time to begin the practice of Yoga :

Children should be taught Yogasanas and initiated into the techniques of yoga right from the tender are of 8 years. Their bodies are quite flexible at this age and asanas can be practiced by them with ease. The basic knowledge of any subject taught to them at this age leaves an indelible impression on their minds. Hence, Yoga practices should be taught to children at the tender age to achieve everlasting results.

Yama Niyamas form the Foundation :

The social restraints (Yama) and personal conduct rules (Niyama) form the strong basis or foundation for the practice of yoga. The strict observance of Yama - Niyamas along woth other Yoga practices of asana, pranayama etc., will transform the whole personality of the child as he grows up physically, mentally and spiritually. And this type of holistic development of integrated development is the object of yoga for children and the youth in respect of yoga practices. By regular practice children gain maturity.


    Available courses

    ONLINE Spiritual studies (Gita/ Bible/Quran)

    Yoga training at UFH

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    Personality Development

    Personality Development Programme

    Healthy Living Workshop

    environment awareness

    VBE 2

    Yoga asana, pranayama, meditation practice sessions.

    Reading Mahe Language class - Tamil

    Manavata Reading Telugu class

    Mahe Reading Hindi Language Course Level 1