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About Manavata:

Manavata is a worldwide (registered charity in India, UK and USA) voluntary, non profitable and non religious organization working for the development of the Society founded on 19th Oct 1991. It is run by a large group of service minded people. ‘Manavata’ derives its name from Sanskrit for ‘Humanity’. It is being molded as a common platform for many enthusiastic youth and social service organizations, spread across continents, to share and interact in the field of service to the humanity. Manavata acts as a facilitator and dialogue partner with regard to co-operation among the volunteers and member organizations in carrying out social activities addressed to the benefit of community and deserving individuals. Manavata has recently received Special consultative Status in United Nations.


To create and promote a healthy, happy and harmonious (3H) world!

Services & Programs:



  •  Every human feels and works for good of all beings
  •  Poverty, Hunger, sorrow and pain disappear
  • Anger, lust, greed, jealousy, hatred will be away from every human
  • Serving others who are in need becomes main purpose of every human

Some of the key mile stones of Manavata are as follows:

  • 1991: Manavata founded in 1991 and continuously expanding it’s reach and services with consistent and sustainable social development activities.
  • 1997: Self employment project started to empower under privileged youth in Hyderabad.
  • 2000: Online Blood donation website started and expanded blood donation services to different regions (Kakinada, Rayavaram, Ramachandrapuram, Hyderabad and etc)
  • 2001-03: Manavata Singapore/ asia pac and other international groups initiated
  • 2003: Manavata UK chapter started
  • 2004: Manavata US Chapter started
  • 2005: Manavata Ashram started in Lolla to care for orphan children
  • 2006: Charity Together & Charity At Home programs started. Started supporting disabled home/blind school in Ramachandrapuram
  • 2008: Manavata Ashram started in Hyderabad. Started supporting Dump-deaf school in Srikakulam
  • 2009: Manavata Ashram support extended to old age people, Homeopathy dispensary started in Ashram
  • 2010: Manavata Austria chapter started, Udaipur to Mumbai 1000KM Manavata Cycling event inspired many young people.
  • 2011: Manavata Ashram started in Kalluru, Manavata Kashmir, Orissa, Indore chapters initiated.
  • 11,350KM cycling for Humanity 2011 made a considerable impact on positive change
  • Medical centers started in Kalluru, Khammam district. Rachapalli & Biccavolu East Godavari dt.
  • Sustainable Rural Development Program (SRDP) implementation initiated
  • Zero budget Natural farming training in Andhra Pradesh helped around 200 farmers.
  • 2012: United Nations accredited Organization with ECOSOC special consultative status
  • Washington DC to Boston Cycling for Humanity 2012 helped to bring collaborations for the cause
  • Healthy Living workshops & medical camps across the globe helped around 6000 people

Our Approach:

Work in Collaborations with schools and communities • Provide well defined courses tailored to meet different age groups • Establishing and running low budget schools / study centres • Standardizing affordable fixed term courses • Utilizing technology in right proportion to bridge the knowledge gap and conduct online classes with appropriate use of digital content

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If you need any clarifications you can contact us at:info@manavata.org