Currently MAHE runs following courses: MVBE for children: (6 to 12 years age group): a practical approach for true education.

  • Foundation: 3 months, covers: Yoga, values, story, healthy habits, empathy, behavior, memory games etc.
  • Intermediate: 3 months,  covers: Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Story, human values, healthy eating, krida yoga, plantation / gardening training
  • Advanced: 3 months, covers: Advanced practice of above and environment awareness, volunteering, healthy cooking, drama/skit, leadership, adventures.
  • Value based Education Teachers training: (2 weeks)


  • Foundation (2 months): Covers: Hatha Yoga practice, precautions, pranayama, meditation
  • Practitioner (3 months): Study of Astanga, Patanjali Yoga sustras, advanced practice of concentration, perfection of postures, Understanding human anatomy, science of mind, cleaning techniques, mudras, kriyas and nutrition.
  • Advanced (3 Months): yoga therapy, practice of advanced pranayama and meditation techniques.
  • Yoga Teacher Training: YTT 200 hours

Personality Development Program (PDP):

  • Inspiration Seminar: 2 hours
  • PDP Workshop: 1 day (full time)
  • PDP Course: 3 months (5 hours a week)
  • MYLIP: Youth Leadership Intensive Program: (12 to 18 years age group)
    • Covers: Self development, life saving skills, volunteering, practice of Yoga and meditation, Organizing and coordinating skills, setting up their goals, planning and time management.
  • LDPP (Leadership Development Program for for professionals) (2 days full time)

Healthy Living:

  • Inspiration and awareness Seminar: 2 hours
  • Change Workshop: 1 day
  • Healthy food & Cooking: 5 sessions 1 hour each and 2 practical sessions


  • Employbility Soft Skills, a practical approach: 1 week
  • Professional Skill Development: Hands on training and exposure in different professional skills including IT, Computer science, EE, Agriculture etc.  (1 to 2 months)
  • Management Skill Development

Note 1: course duration given in months, which indicates 2 to 3 hours a week. Cultural Courses: Carnatic (sangItAnubhavam): Adults Carnatic (sangIta parichaya (introducing carnatic music to little kids: 3-5 years) Online Courses: (Following are some of the regular online courses conducted by MAHE) Yoga, Meditation, Spiritual studies (Gita/ Bible/Quran etc), Spoken English for children, Maths, Leadership workshops and Skill Development If you are interested, please send your nomination with course name to

Note 2: Most of the courses are free and some are charged nominal amount to cover costs and any extra funds goes towards humanitarian causes. Highly talented and experienced Volunteers are spending their time, sharing their skills to teach and organize these events for the cause! It is a great opportunity to learn from such self-less professionals.