Leadership Program

Leadership is the process through which an individual tries to influence another individual or a group of individuals to accomplish a goal. Leadership is valued in our culture, especially when it helps to achieve goals that are beneficial to the population, such as the enactment of effective preventive-health policies. An individual with leadership qualities can also improve an organization and the individuals in it, whether it be a teacher who works to get better teaching materials and after-school programs or an employee who develops new ideas and products and influences others to invest in them.

Leadership can be exhibited in a variety of ways and circumstances. Mothers and fathers show leadership in raising their children with good values and encouraging them to develop to their potential. Teachers show it in inspiring students to learn and to develop their intellectual capacity. Health care workers can be leaders and develop services that meet the needs of the communities they serve, or work in collaboration with other organizations to create cost-effective, prevention-oriented programs and services.

Leadership qualities:

  •  Planning
  • (People won’t fail, they fail to plan)
  • Self discipline
  • Know your Responsibilities
  • Commitment
  • Developing Skills
  • Organizing things properly
  • Self Motivation and motivating people
  • Optimum utilization of time
  • Help others


Self-leadership is a process that occurs within an individual, rather than an external act. It is an expression of who we are as people.