Employment Training program for Unemployed

Hyderabad, India

Employment training program for Unemployed

From 8am until 1pm

At Hyderabad and Kakinada

Hyderabad, India


Manavata Humanity is providing employment training for deserved unemployed people.

Objective: To help and empower unemployed youth to earn their livelihood and to build bright future.

There are many young people suffering with unemployment which is pushing poverty into more poverty and causing wastage of huge amount of young energies in the society. Though there are great opportunities, youth are unable to qualify due to lack of enough skills and focus on duty. Manavata strongly believes that with proper guidance and training, those people can easily earn their livelihood and get into good jobs, which is proven by Manavata team in past several years with it is free employment training for hundreds of youth who have gained heights of industry apart from shaping up their career.

This year, Manavata is planning to help another 100 selected unemployed youth who are economically poor. Deserved candidates will get 3 months of training and support to gain employment / livelihood. Manavata has been organizing this programs since 1997 to support unemployed youth. Around 350 young people have made a good success in their career with this program, which intern helped their families to get empowered. 

Employment Training for Unemployed Youth

 Program Details:

Course Names: Computer Hardware and Networking, 

Training duration: 3 months...

Topics: Employability skills, communication skills, technical skills in different areas based on qualification

PC, Laptop, OS, installations, assembling, maintenance and Troubleshooting of the Computer system and various components.
Selection: Entrance aptitude test and interview (Written test will be on 1st June 2014 at 8am in Hyderabad) 
Free training and accommodation also provided for deserved / qualified and economically poor.
Employment opportunities: Manavata senior volunteers who are in senior position in the industry can help providing guidance and opportunity for right candidates.

Eligibility: Intermediate/Any Degree (age: 18 to 25 years)

Venue:  Viswa Manavata Samstha,14/A,PS Nagar, Masab tank,Hyderabad

Date:     1st June 2014, Sunday

How to apply: Those who are interested can register their names call +91-9966673111 or email info@manavata.org or Register in this form.